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ir. Willem Sanberg
PhD. candidate

Willem Sanberg received both his BSc. (2011) and his MSc.-degree (2013) in Electrical Engineering and a certificate in Technical Management (2011) from Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) in the Netherlands. Furthermore, he was active in committees and boards of a student association for several years, a member of University Racing Eindhoven for two years and a student-assistant at the electronics lab of Industrial Design for two years as well. His master graduation project addressed the topic of Graph-based Multi-Modal segmentation at the VCA research group. After his graduation, he stayed with VCA as a PhD candidate.

His research is aimed at improving the semantic understanding of 3D modeled environments, with a focus on applications regarding intelligent vehicles. Currently, he is working on improving sensing capabilities of mobile platforms using multiple sensors that capture different modalities. On such platform, data should be captured and processed in real-time, so efficient data fusion methods -both in time and over modalities- will need to be developed. To this end, he is working on extending the 'Stixel World', a recently introduced segmentation method designed for the field of intelligent vehicles. He has gained experience with machine learning methods such as AdaBoost, SVM and Bayesian approaches, both in off and on-line set-ups and can work in MATLAB and C++ (with OpenCV and CUDA) programming environments.

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