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Fabrizio Piva
PhD. candidate

Fabrizio Piva is a full-time PhD researcher at the VCA group at the Eindhoven University of Technology, currently working under the Efficient Deep Learning (EDL) P3 project. His research aims for developing Machine Learning and Computer Vision algorithms to address domain shifts across multiple domains by integrating different sources of data. He graduated at the National University of the Littoral (UNL), gaining his MSc degree in Computer Engineering in 2017. His master's thesis focused on a conservative and monotonous coupling strategy for non-matching meshes in partitioned multi-physics problems. Given that his master's consisted of multiple fields (Computational Mechanics, Computational Intelligence, Signal Processing), after graduating he worked as Data Scientist for almost a year, developing Computer Vision algorithms for traffic scenes. His areas of interest are semantic segmentation, adversarial training and bayesian methods. In his free time he likes playing tennis, traveling, learning languages and biking.

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