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TU/e Mobile Perception Systems lab

Topic: Computer vision, point cloud processing, and deep learning for mobile robotics and intelligent vehicles

Eindhoven University of Technology: (TU/e, is looking for PhDs and postdocs to strengthen its research on vision-based sensing for autonomous vehicles and robots.  TU/e is one of Europe's leading technical universities. The Eindhoven area, in the southern part of the Netherlands, is one of Europe's top 'innovation ecosystems', with many high-tech companies and institutes. TU/e is intertwined with many of these companies, like TomTom, Navinfo, NXP, ASML, Philips, DAF trucks, and many others. Research at TU/e is characterized by a combination of academic excellence, industrial relevance, and societal impact. The positions are fully funded and are in cooperation with many partners from academia and from industry. We are looking for candidates having a background in the following areas:

  • computer vision
  • LiDAR / point cloud processing
  • thermal imaging
  • artificial intelligence
  • deep learning
  • sensor fusion
  • autonomous vehicles / mobile robotics

Below you find more information on the projects and on how to apply.

Project information: PhD projects have a duration of four years and postdoc positions up to three years and are fully-funded. They focus on various aspects of sensing for autonomous vehicles and mobile robots. The PhD candidate will be asked to research and develop novel sensing algorithms. Specific topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Semi-supervised and unsupervised domain adaption to improve robustness of video/point cloud instance-level semantic segmentation (and other perception tasks).
  • Exploiting spatio-temporal coherency to improve both robustness and efficiency of video/point cloud instance-level semantic segmentation (and other perception tasks).
  • Spatio-temporal reasoning to enable anticipatory behavior.
  • Task-aware Semantic Simultaneous Localization and Mapping using a topological-metric hybrid approach.

Group information: You will be a member of the Mobile Perception Systems lab, which is led by Dr. Gijs Dubbelman and which is part of the SPS/VCA research group. The SPS/VCA research group is focused on computer vision, ranging from medical image analysis, to surveillance, and intelligent vehicles. The Mobile Perception Systems lab is rapidly growing and successfully targets robotics, ITS, and computer vision conferences and journals, like ICRA, IROS, ITSC, T-RO. 

Requirements: Below is a list of minimal requirements. Working experience like student jobs, internships, and industry jobs in the field Automotive or Robotics, is an advantage.  

  • for PhDs: A MSc. degree in computer science, artificial intelligence, robotics, or a related field.
  • for postdocs: A PhD degree in the fields mentioned above or close to obtaining a PhD degree.
  • strong background in either computer vision, LiDAR/point cloud processing, thermal imaging, artificial intelligence, deep learning, sensor fusion, autonomous vehicles/robotics.
  • good English speaking and writing skills.
  • good programming skills in either Matlab, python, and/or c/c++.
  • experience with Linux OS, OpenCV and other open source tooling.
  • good team working skills and pro-active working attitude.

How to apply: In order to apply, send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. containing:

  • a motivation letter in pdf.
  • a detailed CV in pdf, including grades.
  • your MSc. thesis
  • optionally letter(s) of recommendation.


  • PhD salary (before tax) starts at 2191 Euro per month and increases to 2801 Euro in the fourth year.
  • postdoc salary (before tax) starts at 2943 Euro per month.
  • tax is approximately 27% of your salary and international PhDs and postdocs can apply for a tax reduction.
  • help with finding suitable housing in the Eindhoven Area.

From all applicants, we will select a few candidates that will be invited for a job interview in Eindhoven (or Skype).



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